Want to buy your own home? Just stop eating | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

Those arguing that young people’s costly habits prevent them getting on the housing ladder don’t go far enough. To save up a deposit, follow my simple guide

Helpful news, for those of you struggling to save enough to buy a house: sandwiches are to blame. Or rather, your extravagant dependence on sandwiches for sustenance is to blame, according to an estate agent that I refuse to name as that would serve as justification for its whole grubby publicity-grabbing agenda.

People in their 20s and 30s are used to the routine by now. Some article will suggest that if you only stopped going to Pret for oh, at least half a century, you’d maybe get on the housing ladder. Cue outrage from young people struggling to save amid a cost of living and affordable housing crisis. We’re at the point now where, in order to detract attention from a genuinely pressing political issue that is affecting hundreds of thousands of lives, holding the spending habits of millennials responsible for societal inequalities has actually become a genre of clickbait. No matter if that occasional coffee or cocktail helps bring an all-too-brief twinkling of joy to your miserable overworked existence – you are a profligate wastrel, a spendthrift snowflake with an entitlement complex, a parasite.

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