The first hijabi Barbie is here – but who are the other ‘Sheroes’?

Mattel has added a 10th doll to its line inspired by real-life women who have broken boundaries, inspired girls and played with Barbies as children

As Bonnie Tyler would no doubt be singing in this new Weinstein-hammering, Louis CK-toppling, boundary-resetting age – I need a shero! And, such is this new, Weinstein-hammering, Louis CK-toppling, boundary-resetting age, I have one. Several, in fact, courtesy of Mattel’s line of Shero Barbies. The company has just unveiled its 10th doll in the collection designed to create a fuller representation of humanity and offer greater aspirations to its impressionable young customers. None of whom – it has long been noticed – will grow up to achieve what would be Barbie’s real-life height of 5ft 9in, weight of 110lb, head too heavy to lift and waist of 16 inches, which would leave room for only half a liver and a few inches of intestine.

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