IOM warns of trafficking, exploitation, abuse of Rohingyas

UNs Migration Agency – IOM – on Tuesday said human trafficking and exploitation are rife among Rohingyas who have fled Myanmar to seek safety in Bangladesh.

Over 617,000 Rohingyas have settled in Coxs Bazar since August25, but exploitation of the Rohingya population in the district has been occurring since well before this most recent influx of people.

The IOM (International Organization for Migration) has identified cases reported by Rohingya refugees who have lived in Bangladesh for years, by those who arrived within the past few years, and by those who have arrived since August.

Some people had only been in the country for a few weeks before they were targeted.

Desperate men, women and children are being recruited with false offers of paid work in various industries, including fishing, small commerce, begging and, in the case of girls, domestic work, according to interviews and community focus groups conducted in the districts makeshift settlements by

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