Can the Forsdick family and Britain unite after the Brexit saga? | Letters

This week Brian Forsdick called for an apology from prominent remainers for their part in driving people to vote leave. Here some of those who read his letter, including his own grandchildren, respond

We are pleased to see that our grandad, like many, has finally woken up to the logical impossibility of Brexit (Letters, 13 November). He is right to highlight the failings of our economics and politics of the last 25 years, the consequences of which our generation will have to live with; and his belated recognition of the impossibility of a good Brexit is welcome. But it is not remainers who need to apologise – it is the rightwing ideologues and their friends in the press who have vilified Europe and championed neoliberalism, and who have led this country down the disastrous path it is now on.

Those who voted for Brexit are not to blame as they were misinformed or believed it was for the best, but it’s time they realised their mistakes and acted accordingly. The need for an apology should not be put on remain politicians’ shoulders. While the last government did leave the poor behind in their policies and actions, in opposing Brexit they were acting for the safety and prosperity of the future generation. Our generation do not want a hard Brexit, or any Brexit. Maybe this is a chance to learn and as a country become more united, informed and equal.
Elspeth (16) and Tom (14) Forsdick
Sevenoaks, Kent

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